Tune In Live to the 2013 Webcast! | Lollapalooza 2013 | August 2-4, 2013 : Grant Park : Chicago, IL

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Naked Angels – Illumination

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Noel Hunter: A Triad Man with an “App”titude for Educational Apps

My interview with Sophia Lyons, from WFDD Radio Camp
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The Hipster Logo Design Guide

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I just bought: ‘Herbal Remedies A-Z’ by Barbara Griggs

Free today
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The Myth of Willpower and “Eat Less, Move More”

A good article about fitness for people trying to lose weight
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A Week With The Shine, A Beautifully-Designed Smart Activity Tracker Made From Japanese Metal |…

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Trail Riding, Horseback Riding Lessons, & More: Bay View Stables

If someone you know likes horses…
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Apple Developer Website Taken Down After Hacker Attack

So the Apple Developer Site has been down since Thursday (you can see by going to developer.apple.com, and clicking on iOs Dev Center). Apple says that they are rebuilding it, due to an intrusion. Seems like big news to me– developers are prevented, in some cases, from deploying and updating apps.

via Facebook http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-07-22/apple-developer-website-taken-down-after-hacker-attack.html

Wolfram|Alpha Personal Analytics

If you have not done this, I suggest it strongly. They will tell you a lot about yourself, all gleaned from your Facebook data. They are a well respected research firm, so they are considered trustworthy (and the information is public anyway)

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