Today’s logic: Mission accomplished. The vaccine arrived as promised yesterday, delivered by the army. Safe this time, not like before. We gazed out maskless as the last sections of the wall were put into place, and then cheered as the last payment from Mexico went into the till. China is defeated, and the plants in the rust belt churn out TVs and coal fired trucks again. Steam is back. We took Melania’s words to heart, and bullying is a thing of the past. Along with Christmas decorations. Sleepy Joe is snoozing in his prison cell. Hillary’s spell is broken, and the faces of the missing disappeared from milk cartons as they magically returned. Brokers on Wall Street are adding digits to the tickers to accommodate the extra zeros. No longer afraid of being replaced, we head to the polls to pay our respects. There to guide us in is JFK Jr, definitely not a zombie. The ballots are already punched. Delivered yesterday not by Amazon. By Walmart. They slide in the box so easily. When you’re famous, they let you.

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