So someone called my cell phone. It was a computer that told me that I had won a cruise. The caller ID was unknown. No identification of the company, and no way to talk to an operator. This is illegal in NC for businesses, unless you are their customer, and even then, they have to follow strict rules. I listened to the computer for a bit, and then it told me I could press 1 to have a customer service representative call me later to collect my prize. So I did. A few minutes later, they did call, and the caller ID listed a number. I filed a complaint with the attorney general of NC, and now Bahamas Cruise Line has a nice letter from the state asserting my claim that they violated the statute on the do not call registry (which they did). It took about 20 minutes of my time. Let’s hope it takes up a lot more of theirs. It’s not OK to have your computer call my cell phone that is on the do not call registry. I encourage anyone else who is called illegally to take the time to file a complaint.

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