Some notes for the business world: 1. If you leave me a voicemail, you don’t need also to send an email. First, it’s a waste of time, and second, when I get whichever one arrives second, I won’t know if it’s a new message, or just a copy, unless you mention that it is. So then I will contact you twice. 2. Chances are, your cell phone doesn’t work very well. When you leave your name and number on voice mail, you should repeat each one. Otherwise, there’s a good chance I won’t know your name and/or number. The also applies to people overseas and/or people with very hard to understand accents. 3. You need an email signature with your phone number and/or other contact information. When you email people and ask them to call, and don’t provide the number, they have to search for it, and or figure out who you are. The applies especially to John’s and Sanjay’s. If your address is [email protected], I am not gonna remember who you are when you sign “Sincerely, John”. If you are a personal friend, of course, none of this applies. I save your name, number, birthday and address is a special gold-leaf booklet with a lock in my treasure chest.

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