This whole thing with mascot names has gotten out of hand. The most ridiculous, until now, was Elon University, which changed its mascot from “Fighting Christians” to “Phoenix. Apparently, it’s OK to have as a mascot a mythological bird that dies and rises from ashes, but not a Christian, who survives lion’s dens and such. Mascot names are not supposed to be general comments on actual groups of people. Wake’s Demon Deacon wasn’t meant to disparage Baptists. All mascots, whether Cowboys, Wrecks, Blue Hoses, or whatever, are supposed to be characters whose good qualities are inspiring to fans. Braves, Redskins, Indians as mascots are exaggerated in the same way the Demon Deacon is. UNCSA was wise to pick a pickle as a mascot. Because the way things are going, someone is gonna be offended by most anything else. Native Americans got a bad deal from the immigrating Europeans (along with Africans, Indians, East Asians, and pretty much everyone else). It would be nice to spend more time trying to remedy that, and less time on sports.

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